I'm suposed to go on a date tonight with a hot man from Europe. I'm suposed to take him to a fashion week party that my ex gf is hosting. I feel like shit. I'm debating right now whether to cancel or suck up feeling like shit for one more night.


I am so exhausted.

For over a week I've existed on less than 4 hours of sleep a night.
It's literally been: wake up, work, eat, party, drink, sleep (or nap), and repeat.
I just kept going and going and now I'm about to crash. hello caffeine. hello sugar packets.



Last night i met up with a few friends at The Eldridge, and got so hot and bothered by the hot bartender.... like really really beautiful. I wasn't drunk yet while I was there, so I know he's actually beautiful, and not just me being drunk and thinking so. It's been a while since i crushed on a bartender. Usually they either aren't that cute to me, or maybe they are, and I just never notice them. But this one was HOT and i noticed. So yea. I have his number, but only because he asked me for mine first. And then he gave me free shots.


a quick catchup

In the 2+ years of my blogging absence a lot has gone on. I'd rather quickly bang out the hi-lights of this pause and then resume in present tense. So here's a top 5 list of hi-lights of 07-08.

1. I finished school (for now). I may go back to get multiple degrees or a masters (one day), but for now... I'm happily done!

2. I moved. a lot. The last time you heard from me I was residing in the west village. I believe this was in late 2006. Since then I moved to the far east village, then to the central east village, then to the upper east village, and then to the lower east side. Even after moving 4 times in 2 years, i still suck at it. i suck at packing, unpacking, finding good apts, finding normal roommates, and not having anxiety attacks on the week leading up to the move.

3. I got a real job. Nothing more to say on that. This blog will not be here for me to talk about work. It's to talk about stuff a bit more fun than my job. As a side note: my job does kinda rock.

4. I got a pet. a cat. He's cute. His name is Toola. I love him.

5. Not that i believe in keeping count of the # of pple that you have slept with, but if i had to pull a closely accurate number out, I would assume that in the past 2 years, I have slept with 10 pple. Not too bad, right?

also, some other notable events were: breaking my nose twice, traveling a lot, having a serious boyfriend for over a year, serious boyfriend breaking my heart, me breaking serious boyfriend's heart, starting a relationship with a co worker, ending relationship with co worker, one or two secret affairs, getting my heart broken in paris, blacking out, going vegan, many drunk nights, hungover days, nude photoshoots, randomly being cast in random foreign films debuting at tribeca and cannes, passing out naked in inappropriate places, djing many parties, getting mugged, losing a good friend, and just enjoying life.

an obligatory fashion week post

is it just me or does something about this fashion week seem a bit "off"?

maybe it's the current eco climate, or maybe it's that they brought in Mc Donalds as a sponsor. like really. mc donalds is a sponsor of fashion week? something can't be right.

The shows have been pretty fun though. Out of the ones that I have hit thus far, Jonathan Saunders has been my favorite. The show had a bit of a spaceage motif. It was really cool

hello again.


It's been over 3 years since I started this blog, and over 2 years since I've updated. Since then i ventured into 2 other blog type projects, yet looking back, this one seems to be my favorite.

Reading blurbs I wrote in years past make me smile and cringe, but still entertain. They make me nostalgic for my days of living in the west village. Days when I was still in school, and days when I was working/interning for a magazine. Back before New York turned into whatever it has evolved into now. Right around the time nightlife photography, and nightlife celebrities started to become relevant parts of our culture. The older entries bring me back to nights when things were so different than they are now. Although I always liked to keep things slightly anonymous, when I read them I can almost remember every detail of those nights back in 2006.

I feel like I want to re-activate this blog again, but I'm not sure exactly how. New York, shock culture, as well as myself have changed quite a bit in these 3 years, but we will see.

On a side note, yesterday was my 24th birthday. ew. I'm getting old


Pet Boy

I think that I've forgotten to mention that since mid-August I've almost monogomously been dating this guy.

From now on at this blog we will be calling him "Pet".

And yes, this should get very interesting. At first I wasn't going to write about us, but honestly what's the harm?


Party Monster

Please read this article Party Boy In A Cage. It's about Michael Alig, and it's absolutely crazy.

I’m fascinated by the club kids- horrified by their fall- the whole “Disco Bloodbath” debacle, but their rise is intriguing. The shit we pull today doesn’t even hold a candle to what these kids pulled off 15 years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and get to know a few of the people who have been on the scene since the late 80’s. Hearing their stories about the Club Kids is amazing. People are horrified/awestruck at these first hand accounts but the storytellers are unfazed. They look at today’s scene as ridiculously tame, which is true when you’re comparing today’s ruff kids and motherfuckers to the Club Kids of the early 90’s.

If you haven’t seen it already, “Party Monster” is an accurate account of this era. It's well worth the watch. I’ve seen it a few too many times.

Also, is there any correlation between Michael Alig's last name (Alig) and Sacha Barron Cohen's character (Ali G)?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope that ya'll had a lovely holiday.

I'll be back with some good stuff tomorrow.



apartment party

My friend had an apartment party last night. Nothing special, just the usual mix of college students, college grads pretending that they're still students, drug addicts, ex – drug addicts, indie rockers, pseudo hippies, d listers, and hipsters galore.

While at the party everything going on seems relevant, but in reality nothing really matters. It’s really just a bunch of drunk, smaked out people trying to fit in with one another.

But yea, it was fun.



I'm a nerd.
So I obviously got overexcited when I found out that Sufjan released a Christmas album yesterday. (Sufjan, as in Sufjan Stevens. He's one of my imaginary boyfriends, which means that we're on a first name basis.)

I went to his website, only to see that he's a little overgiddy about this as well. Not only does he have a full collection of Christmas CD's, but he has stikers, vinyl, and a singalong book.


Impromptu Nudista

One of my best friends posted their account of Friday night on her blog. It inspired me to create my own account of the night.

Only because the pre-game part became an impromptu nakey party.

I'm at my friend fluffy's apt. Her real name isn’t Fluffy, but that’s what we all call her. I’m sitting in an “egg chair” chair with my friend, each of us with a glass of rum in hand with tea nearby, for chaser purposes. (Tea as a chaser? I’m not too sure what’s up with that.) The chair is shaped like an egg with red velour lining. The walls are neon green. There is a large blue coffee table made of wood. A pink shag rug sits in the middle of the room. Yes, everything looks psychedelic and we aren’t even drunk, yet.

After some rum I wind up putting on a pair of earmuffs. Not too weird when I focus in on my surroundings. Fluffy is topless, wearing only a denim miniskirt, which comes off leaving only a thong. Another friend is wearing a top with no bottoms. Fluffy’s lay from the previous night still hasn’t left, and he is walking around in a towel. (it’s 11PM. I’m really not sure why he’s still at her place a whole day later.)

The doorbell rings. A boy walks in and purchases Viagra, e, and thinks about buying oxy from Fluff. Then he leaves. The doorbell rings again. This time in walks my one friend wearing almost nothing, meaning the shiny silver undergarment thingy’s from American apparel. My other friend walks in wearing nothing except for sheer black stockings and holding a 40. Everyone was dancing/bopping around and taking swigs from a 40 while reminiscing about "rolling on e" the night before.

I felt like we walked straight off the pages of a Bret Easton Ellis novel.

here's a picture of the setting I was trying to desribe. wall, egg, friend's arm.

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Back and forth. forever.

I stayed in tonight. It was very much needed. I watched "Me and You and Everyone we Know". great movie.


Thanksgiving is coming up. This is the only time of the year that being a native New Yorker sucks. Everyone flys back to their hometown and I'm left here in NY, where going out will not be as much fun due to the bridge and tunnel overload that will take over my city very shortly.
sad, I know. I'm trying not to be bitter.

I'm trying to find a good concert for this upcoming week/wknd. Any suggestions?

I know. I was very MIA

I was just talking to my mother about how I really miss blogging. I've decided to come back and hopefully get this thing going again. This winter seems to be a little crazier than last, so i'll start documenting again. Should be fun.


I think that the worst feeling in the world is when you realize that you and someone you love have nothing in common anymore. The knowing that you have grown apart and there's nothing you can do to fix it. So sad. more later. maybe


Half a person

Today I took the day off from being a person. I would usually feel guilty doing nothing all day but I really feel like I deserved it. I've been so overworked this past week it's kinda crazy.

I just met 2 deadlines for a magazine in 5 days. I also had to go to my bosses' party, as well as a birthday party for a friend's friend, and a going away party.

My boss had some photographers at his party to document the night. The pictures were finally posted today, and I'm happy to say that they are all tame. Only thing is that this one photog was snapping me grabbing parts of my friends and other non kosher stuff that wouldn't please my poppa. I'm not sure which website this guy works for but I'm a little anxious because shots of me grabbing boobs and showing too much cleveage is probably maybe on the interweb right about now.

I take back the not being a person thing. I submitted a project to the mag and also hit a bar with my roomie. But I did sleep till 2Pm. So I guess that I was half a person.

I need to sleep bc I have A LOT to do tomorrow. I have a guest coming whom I need to entertain. She's a complainer so I've got a long day ahead of me. On the upside: I have a hot date. A cute and kinda crazy C-List celeb. woohoo.



it is right smack in the middle of the Tribeca Film Festival, which is amazing this year, and i feel like I'm constantly on the go again. I have a different screening almost everyday, but today I'm "off". If you are looking to pee in your pants, I reccomend that you see "Fifty Pills"

On a sketchier note, my roommate and i suspect my boss of trying to have an affair with me. Details to come.


Bad Game

Last night on our way to Lit some of my friends decided to take a ciggy break in front of CBGB's. While we were standing there a guy came up to me and asked if he could have a female perspective to an odd question; would I be mad if my boyfriend had almost nude pics of his ex girlfriend on his wall?

I feel like that can't be answered so simply. It's situational. For each situation it's different. Does he still love the ex? For what reason is he keeping the pics up? I felt like it couldn't be answered so that's what I told him.

He told me he was bored of CBGB's, where would I recommend to hop to? I told him that i didn't know (beacuse I wasn't about to invite a stranger who I was not at all attracted to out with me) he asked where I was going, I said Lit. He grabbed my hand, read my palm and told me that my palm says that I have a big ego. OK. Definately not getting good vibesw from this one.

Later on that night who do I see at Lit pulling the same game on another girl as he pulled on me? Mr. palm reader. First the question about naked pics, then the palm. This guy really needs to step up his game. Also, why the fuck did he go to Lit? stalker much?


I love my job

During my break from blogging, I got a new job at a PR firm. Every person there is under the age of 33 and good looking. Also, we get paid to go out and drink for free. Enough said.

On a more disturbing note, one of my co workers met Jake Gyllenhaal last wknd while she was drunk. The story as told by her:
"I saw him standing like 10 feet away from me and I grabbed my friend and started pointing and screaming 'look theres Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!!' He came up to us and said hi and shook my hand, but i guess that I wasn't satisfied with that. I grabbed his arm and started licking it. It tasted good, and I was too drunk to realize that this was weird or to observe his reaction."

Yeah, I'm jealous. Just a little.

Side Note

I know, I really shouldn't make excuses for my lack of updates, but I feel the need to tell. One additional reason, was this guy who we like to call "MET". Well he became addicted to me. I'm not trying to sound concieted but he was just over the top. I didn't like him the way he liked me, I actually started to not like him at all, and it wore me down. And trust me, you do not want to read about me complaining about met's stalkerish activities everyday.

so be happy for the hiatus. i'm refreshed and Met free now! Don't worry, I'll totally post the entertaining out there drama that met and I got into when I was trying to shoo him away. Some of the stuff is tres entertaining.


so worn out

It's crazy how busy I've been these past 2 weeks. I feel like I've been working double time, and I probably have if I counted the hours. Also, I was talking to my friend today and I realized that not only have I been working overtie in the job dpt, but also in the dating dept. Without even realizing it, I am currently dating 4 guys, and that just makes me sick. First one to go: Met. His bye bye is long overdue.

I have to finish up work, but definately more later, and I know Its almost midnight on a Sat. Sad but true I have work to do since I put it off on thurs and fri and went out. Stupid me.


walk the line

Joaquin Phoenix is my new "boyfriend". I never realized how fucking georgeous he is. I'm not obsessed. I promise. But I did watch 'Walk The Line' a few too many times.

I'm off to make out with the hot chick....


It's Weds. which means that I'm depressed because theres no Project Runway tonight. In my opinion, that show was the only good thing on TV right now. I'm so sad that it's over. I need to find nother show, but thats so hard when theres all the crap that the networks are trying to sell us now. Wow, I sound like my grandmother.

I still haven't made a dent in my work that's due at 10 tonight, so thats what I'm going to be doing all day. ugh.

But after 10: I'm free. And yes i'm going to party drink and who knows what else. I have plans to go to the bar where the girl works at, so maybe...

I don't want to jinx anything.


Blair on TV

The other week i did a little filming for a TV show. Intelligent me totally forgot when they were airing it, and I fully missed the show. Totally sucks. Hopefully the Food Network is as good about playing re-runs as Bravo is.